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(click here for information on beads & wire)

  • brass wire (0,30 mm)
  • green wire (0,31 mm)
  • blue beads, size 11/0 (or choose your favourite color for a hyacinth)
  • flower stem/stalk wire
  • green flower tape
  1. String a large amount of beads on the brass wire. Make a start with basic technique 1 on about 10 cm from the wire end.
  2. Next make a leaf with the following amount of beads:

Make 6 of these leaves for 1 flower-part.

Img. 1

Img. 2


A flower-part must be put together as follows:

  1. Take 2 leaves. Stick the wire end of the 1st leaf throught the lowest bead on the 2nd leaf.
  2. Pul the wire tight so that the lowest beads touch eachother. 2 Wires now stick through one side of the lowest bead.
  3. Bend the wire end that has been stuck through, downwards and take the other wire to stick through the lowest bead on the 3rd leaf.
  4. Repeat until 6 leaves are used. When all 6 leaves are strung together, take the last wire end and stick it through the lowest bead on the 1st leaf. Pull the wire tight and be sure that the wire stays under the leaves.
  5. Now take 2 wire ends that stick out between 2 beads. Place 7 beads on these wire ends. Repeat this with the 10 remaining wire ends.
  6. Wind all the ends together.
  7. Wind the stem of the flower-part with flower tape.
  8. Wind down the stem 2 - 3 cm with green wire to finish the flower-part.

Make 25 - 33 of these flower-parts.

Img. 1
Img. 2
Img. 3
Img. 4
Img. 5
Img. 6
Img. 7
Img. 8

Putting the hyacinth together:

  1. Take 40 cm flower stem and wind it with flower tape and stop 10 cm above the end of the stem. Place a flower-part at the top of the stem and fasten it with flower tape.
  2. Wind down 4 cm with green wire.
  3. Place 4 flower-parts around the stem, 1 - 1.5 cm under the top flower-part and fasten them with flower tape. Wind down 4 cm with green wire. 
  4. Place another 4 flower-parts, 1 - 1.5 cm under the previous flower-parts and fasten with flower tape. Wind down 4 cm with green wire.
  5. Repeat point 4 until you have used up all the flower-parts. To finish of the stem, cover the last bit of the green wire with flower tape. 
    Now bend the flower-part to the front and bend the leaves to the side. Keep them slightly curved.
Img. 1
Img. 2
Img. 3
Img. 4
Img. 5

To make a beautiful composition, make at least 2 hyacinths and place some long green leaves between them.